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Connecting Hospitals and PatientsAdvancing cardiac care with cloud-based connectivity. Unveil a new era of efficient device management and data analysis, crafted for healthcare excellence.

Ireland's National Cardiac Device Implant Registry
Over 85,000 Cardiac Implants Recorded
Over 500,000
Follow-ups Recorded
Over 100,000 Cardiac Device IDs Issued
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Cutting-edge cardiac rhythm management

Since 2008, Heart Rhythm Ireland has been at the forefront of cardiac care, offering a state-of-the-art, cloud-based Cardiac Rhythm Management platform to both public and private Cardiac Hospitals.

Furthermore, HRI delivers a suite of essential services, including Cardiac Device ID cards, to enhance patient care. With a robust network encompassing over 50 cardiac hospitals and clinics, we are dedicated to setting new standards in patient support and clinical collaboration.

HRI's integrated solutions: Transforming cardiac device management

Pro-Link by HRI: Seamless Cardiac Device Management

Elevate your cardiac care with our advanced cloud-based Pro-Link module. Experience effortless data synchronisation from manufacturer programmers, enriched with smart data point extraction for automated report generation within HRI's ecosystem.

HRI Barcode Scanning Feature: Efficiency and Accuracy in Device Recording

Streamline device management with HRI’s Barcode Scanning Feature. Ensure precise logging of cardiac devices with rapid scanning capabilities, enhancing accuracy and reducing time during implant procedures.

Integrated Appointments: Optimising Clinic Workflow Efficiency

Our Integrated Appointments system seamlessly merges with your clinic's workflow. This intuitive approach ensures precise scheduling and tracking, synchronising patient appointments for optimised clinic operations.

Customisable Dashboard: In-Depth Performance Analytics

Harness the power of data with HRI’s Customisable Dashboard. Tailor your analytical view to gain in-depth insights into implant and follow-up activities, empowering data-driven decisions for superior cardiac care management.

Effortless Cardiac Data Access and Management

Heart Rhythm Irelands advanced cloud-based platform provides healthcare providers with real-time access to critical cardiac rhythm management information. With Pro-Link by HRI, benefit from seamless cardiac device management through automated data synchronisation and smart data point extraction. Effortlessly record devices using our Barcode Scanning Feature with rapid scanning capabilities, and gain in-depth insights using our Customisable Dashboard for tailored performance analytics.

Why Choose HRIs Platform?

Intuitive User Interface

Navigate with ease, enhancing your focus on patient care.

Comprehensive Accessibility

Securely access patient data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Cloud-Based Ecosystem

Benefit from seamless integration with healthcare systems for uninterrupted collaboration.

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